carl tiedemann, SIOR

Owner, Glenwood Cellars Wines

Carl Tiedemann, SIOR, has been president and chief operating officer of the Tiedemann Group, an organization of interrelated companies providing an array of real estate and construction services throughout the Midwest, for over 35 years. In the fall of 2010 he launched Tiedemann Wines, a wine distribution company, so he could share wines from several boutique Napa Valley wines with clients in Indiana. In 2018 he started Glenwood Cellars Wines so he could sell his wines around the country. Carl and his wife Emilie live in Elkhart and have two children: Elizabeth Carris and Ben Tiedemann, and two grandchildren: Noah Tiedemann and Adler Bear Carris.


kent humphrey

Kent Humphrey is winemaker at Eric Kent Wine Cellars in Napa. At the age of 33 he started his third career as a winemaker. He is married to Colleen Teitgen-Humphrey, co-owner of Eric Kent Wine Cellars. Kent and Colleen formed Eric Kent Wine Cellars in 2003…he focuses on making the wine and Colleen, an artist, curates the amazing art the label is known for showcasing. Kent makes the Glenwood Cellars Chardonnay, Glenwood Cellars Sauvignon Blanc and Glenwood Cellars Pinot Noir with vintner Carl Tiedemann.


bruce devlin

Bruce Devlin is the the winemaker at Ballentine Vineyards and the co-owner of Three Clicks Wines. In 1999 Bruce came to Napa Valley. Over the last 20 years Bruce has traveled the globe with his wife Danielle (co-owner of Three Clicks Wines) learning about wine. Each destination helped him craft his unique style, found in the numerous high-scoring wines he produces. Bruce makes the Tiedemann Adler’s Blend, the Glenwood Cellars Merlot and the Glenwood Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon with vintner Carl Tiedemann.